Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 365! (or is it Day 366?)

It's been one year exactly since I started this blog. As you can see I stopped posting regularly long ago, but this blog has been on my mind.

How was this year? I've been living my dream - started the Life Alchemy School (showing others how to live their fullest life). I've been raising my family - Ali just started using the potty. This may sound mundane, but it's very exciting. Teo has been acting up a storm - he has an agent and a manager. He recently starred in a short film and has tons of auditions for other projects (big and small). India is growing up - new boyfriend, thinking about college, no time for parents, etc. I've been falling more and more in love with my husband - the world's most amazing partner (at least for me). We moved to a new house. We did some travelling (domestic travel only, but still good). I published a book: The Inner Game. I had many, many parties. I let people know that I loved them.

I wish I had done more traveling abroad, spent more time with friends (and less time in front of the tv or computer), and had taken more time to have more fun in each moment. All in all, I think the project was a success. What do I want for next year?

-complete a triathlon (compete in my 10th Anniversary of the LA Tri or finish a Half Ironman)
-start a PhD in Psychology program (and/or do the hypnotherapy certification)
-have 100+ clients/students: helping them all connect to their most golden and amazing life
-travel to Machu Picchu
- start painting again/have gallery exhibition
-publish my book Right Brain Guide for Left Brain Professionals
-create Mojo Coach show
-make sure the people in my life know how loved and appreciated they are
-have 7-figure year in my business
-be in gratitude and joy every single day

I am grateful for you dear reader. Thanks for being on this ride with me.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 220

So I haven't written in quite a long time. I lost the momentum and the project lost it's urgency. Something happened yesterday that brought this back up for me. My 22 year old cousin committed suicide. While this death was his choice, again I was faced with my mortality and making sure I'm living as fully as possible.

I want to run through the checklist and make sure that the important things are being done. Do the people I love know I love them? I believe they do. Am I living my life's purpose? Lord knows I'm trying. Am I savoring all of this world's pleasures and being grateful? Again, I'm trying. I'm feeling pretty good about my report card, but I want to live more fully and outrageously.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 51 – 8.3.10

Eleonore came over and we worked on our reality show. Later I had some phone meetings and then my mastermind group.

It was Day 7 of the Master Cleanse and I phased out today. I made the most delicious vegetable soup I'd ever had. The great thing about the Master Cleanse is that you can so appreciate the flavors of food when you're finished. Actually the soup had my whole body tingling with the sensations from the vegetables. I was practically high from the experience. It was funny.

I also committed to a 30 day blogging challenge - I'm going to blog every day. And it's not even for this blog (where I've already committed to writing daily). It's for my Equilawbrium blog. Don't I have enough on my plate? What's with me? Seriously, what's with me? I'm pathologically busy sometimes! I can't help it. I love what I'm doing. And I only have 314 days left.

Day 50 – 8.2.10 - Life Alchemy Workshop

We had the first Life Alchemy Teleclass tonight! It was thrilling and we have 5 amazing women in the class from all over the country - New York, New Jersey, Texas, Idaho, and California! Those saucy minxes all waited until the last moment to sign up, but they committed to this amazing class and amazing transformation. Yeah! I'm pysched! Can't wait until next Monday!

Day 49 – 8.1.10 - Agape and Calder's B-Day Party

Today I went to Agape. I almost didn't go because I spent so much time there yesterday. I felt compelled to go. And for good reason... Mark Victor Hansen was there and giving away free Chicken Soup for the Soul books. I waited in line to see him and remind him that he's going to write a book with me. :) I didn't get to see him, but I made a new friend and I got a free book. When I got home I e-mailed to let him know that I'd seen him and ask him again to write the book with me. I'm so cheeky! I love it. :)

Afterwards, I went to Calder's and Stella's 2nd birthday party. Brooke always has very aesthetically pleasing birthday parties. I was inspired. Check out these adorable cupcakes!

Cutest cupcakes ever

The birthday boy and girl

Aliza sporting her new sunglasses

Day 48 – 7.31.10 - Memorial and B-Day Party

I was asked to volunteer at a memorial service today at Agape, and I said yes. I didn't know the person who passed. I had seen her around, but I'd never met her. I feel like I know her now and she was evidently an amazing woman. I was moved to tears by all the amazing words of praise that everyone said about her. The words most used to describe her were: "radiating love," "compassion," "passionate," "living fully," "creative," "dancer," "singer," "joie de vivre," "uplifting," "spiritual," "beautiful," "fully in her femininity." I fell in love with this woman who I'd never met, just by listening to the outpouring of love from her friends and family. I feel very uplifted by having participated in that service today. It's helped me recommit to living my life so that when I pass on my friends and family say those types of things about me.

The theme song of the memorial service was “I Hope You Dance.” It's so beautiful, I'm posting the video here:

Afterwards I went to my neice Cleo's 2nd birthday party. It was a lovely little party, but it was hard to not be eating. Day 4.

Day 47 – 7.30.10 - Master Cleanse and Life Alchemy Workshop

It's day 3 of the Master Cleanse. I'm definitely feeling more energetic. Today I also sent out reminders all over the place for the Life Alchemy Workshop. I'm nervous because it's in 2 days and no one has signed up yet even though several people have told me that they will take it. Ok. Breathe. Trust.